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Constantly seeking to improve patients’ lives day-by-day, Stiplastics has developed an innovative solution for the administration of capsules and solid forms..

Hygienic, safe and ergonomic, Caps’Matic supplies any kind of capsule one by one, simply by pressing.

Caps’Matic offers many advantages both for users and laboratories.

Ideal for medicines, food supplements and vitamins. It is especially recommended for the administration of medicines of high added value, whose toxicity and ingestion must be controlled.

A suitable design:

  •  Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and to follow treatment requirements.
  • Improves image and reputation
  • Easily distinguishable from other OTC products

Certified manufacture and simplified adaptation:

  • Primary packaging manufactured in a company with ISO 15378 and ISO 13485 Certificates.
  • Compatible with existing manufacturing processes
  • Adaptable to capsule sizes from 00 to 3

Safe and practical use:

  • Hygienic: only one capsule is released on each pressing.
  • Safe: no risk of loss of capsule during use or transport.