Stiplastics healthcaring

Company: Eskiss Packaging
Headquarters: Francia
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For more than 35 years, ESKISS has been designing, developing and manufacturing standard plastic containers  for the pharmaceutical industry, in the health sector and for food supplements.

The plant of Saint Bonnet de Rochefort produces injection, extrusion and injection blow – moulded  plastic containers, including UNICADOSE; a substitute for the glass bottle, PET and HDPE tablet bottles, PET bottles and other solutions for capping. These containers, aimed mainly at the health and food supplements markets, adapt perfectly to the administering of liquids or solids.

In February 2019 Eskiss joined the  SGH Healthcaring group, together with Stiplastics and Rovipharm. The ambitious development project of the group is strongly influenced by the wish to become a worldwide point of reference in the design and manufacture of medical appliances, especially dosage appliances, as well as in primary packaging.

Stiplastics healthcaring